Table 3

Means, minimum to maximum (min-max), and 95% CI of group difference (ED–GW) of the scores of PSS and its subscales

Emergency department (ED) nurses (n=82)General ward (GW) nurses (n=50)
ScalesMeanMin-maxMeanMin-maxED–GW 95% CIp*Adjusted p**
*p value was calculated using two sampled tests.
**Adjusted p was calculated using general linear model to adjust for marital status and working experience (years).
†Significant after Bonferroni correction for PSS subscales.
Mental health professional stress scale (PSS)1.510.0–3.01.300.0–2.80.05 to 0.380.0120.029
    Work load (WL)1.700.2–3.01.610.0–2.7−0.12 to 0.300.3890.395
    Patient related difficulty (PD)1.820.5–3.01.680.8–2.7−0.12 to 0.300.1420.168
    Organisational structure and processes (OS)1.540.0––2.30.15 to 0.630.002†0.007†
    Lack of resources (RES)1.540.0––2.30.15 to 0.650.002†0.009
    Conflict with other professionals (COF)1.460.0––2.20.13 to 0.570.002†0.008
    Professional self doubt (SD)1.400.0––2.7−0.13 to 0.350.3530.480
    Home-work conflicts (HW)1.060.0––2.8−0.30 to 0.170.5980.587