Table 2

Characteristics of workers with lung cancer and controls

CharacteristicLung cancer cases (mean (SD))Controls (mean (SD))
*Latency period is the duration from first work to the onset of lung cancer.
Subjects (n)130627
Year of birth1925.0 (7.4)1925.5 (8.1)
Year of entering tin mine1951.4 (6.2)1952.7 (6.5)
Age at entering tin mine26.4 (6.9)27.2 (7.1)
Subjects with exposure to dust (n)112462
Cumulative exposure to total dust (mg/m3-y)112.4 (92.9)98.6 (75.4)
Cumulative arsenic exposure525.5 (581.8)439.4 (469.1)
Duration of exposure14.4 (8.4)14.4 (8.6)
Smokers (n)115517
Smoking (pack-years, only for smokers)39.0 (20.0)35.4 (21.2)
Smoking-years (only for smokers)33.9 (10.0)32.8 (10.7)
Age at onset of lung cancer (y)60.7 (8.4)
Latency period*30.3 (7.9)