Allergen Source
AcrylatesAdhesives, sealants, dental work, artificial nails (beautician), printing
ChromateCement, tanned leather, primer paint, anticorrosives, wood preservatives, fire retardants
CobaltPigment (blue), varnish, paint, ink, metal alloys
ColophonyGlue, plasticiser, adhesive tape, varnish, polish, paper, insulations, fluxes
Epoxy resinsAdhesive, plastics, mouldings, electrical insulation, surface coating, paints
EthylenediamineCoolant oils, epoxy-curing agent, electroplating gel, photographic developing, fungicide
FormaldehydePreservatives (cutting oils, water-soluble paints), paper, plastics, clothing
FragranceBarrier and emollient creams, liquid soaps, detergents, hair care products, beautician products
NickelElectroplating, electronics, garment manufacture (zips, fasteners), scissors, instruments, protective clothing, batteries, pigments, catalysts, coins, jewellery manufacture
ParaphenylenediamineDyes, car tyres, shoes, clothing, colour developer
Phenol formaldehyde resinsMoulds, binders, laminates, surface coatings, casting sand
Plants Primula obconica, chrysanthemums, garlic, many cut flowers (for example,Alstroemeria), hardwood dusts
Preservatives (including biocides)Coolant oils, barrier and emollient creams, beautician products
Rubber chemicalsTyres, boots, shoes, belts, gloves, adhesives, clothing, soluble cutting oils