Table 1

Demographic, exposure, and clinical data of the subjects

Subjects with exposure to erionite in Turkey
Age (y)
 Mean (SD)40.3 (9.2)
Sex ratio (M/F)2.2 (11/5)
Duration of exposure (y, mean (SD))28.6 (15.8)
Delay since end of exposure (y, mean (SD))11.7 (12.0)
Subjects with lifelong exposure (n)7
Occupation (M/F):
 Farmer or villager3/2
 Blue collar workers4/0
 White collar workers4/0
Disease (M/F):
 Malignant pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma2/3
 Benign pleural disease1/5
 Lung fibrosis1/0
 Pleural effusion0
 Normal findings or other disease1/4