Table 1

Distribution of categories of cumulative probability of exposure1-150 to paint components, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), diesel exhaust, and aromatic amines in men with bladder cancer (cases and subcohort members); Netherlands cohort study (1986–92)

Cumulative probability of exposureCases (n=619)Subcohort (n=1630)
Paint components:
 No exposure48391.13149492.00
 Low exposure tertile81.51432.65
 Medium exposure tertile203.77442.71
 High exposure tertile193.58432.65
 No exposure48892.60147790.89
 Low exposure tertile (low)71.33513.14
 Medium exposure tertile132.47493.02
 High exposure tertile193.61482.95
Diesel exhaust:
 No exposure42881.37131981.42
 Low exposure tertile356.651056.48
 Medium exposure tertile315.89965.93
 High exposure tertile326.081006.17
Aromatic amines:
 No exposure52298.31161198.83
 Low exposure30.56100.61
 High exposure61.1390.55
  • 1-150 Product of probability (weights 0.15, 0.6, and 0.95) and duration (y) of exposure.