Table 1

Description of the six studies

Estimated exposure to respirable crystalline silica in the cohort
StudyReferenceNumber of workersEnd of follow upNumber of deathsNumber of silicosis deaths†Median duration (y)Median average (mg/m3)Median cumulative (mg/m3-y)
*Follow up extended beyond original publication (see text).
†Those with underlying cause of death silicosis (ICD9 502) or unspecified pneumoconiosis (ICD9 505).
1. US diatomaceous earth workersCheckoway et al (1997)23421994749154.30.181.05
2. Finnish granite workersKoskela et al (1994)10261993*418149.20.594.63
3. US granite workersCostello et al (1988)5408198217624318.00.050.71
4. US industrial sand workersSteenland et al (2001)40271996860153.70.040.13
5. US gold minersSteenland et al (1995)33481996*1925395.40.050.23
6. Australian gold minersDe Klerk et al (1998)2213199313514426.80.4311.37