Table 4

Approved programmes of trials† of dissemination of ZnCdS from aircraft, 1960–4, where reports of the trials (and indication as to whether or not they took place) are unavailable

Programme numberProposed locationTrials proposed (n)ZnCdS/trial (kg)Total amount ZnCdS (kg)
*Dates of three of the four proposed trials were open to cancellation.
†Excludes three proposed trials at Netheravon Airfield (programme 14/63) where total proposed releases were 0.75 kg.
23/60Not stated3 91 273
2/61Cardington4 68 272
Cardington6 14 84
24/62Cardington6 45 270
10/63Cardington2 136 272
2/64Norwich4* 54 216