Table 3

Trials of dissemination from ships, and estimated theoretical inhaled dose of ZnCdS at the land based sampling point with maximum particle count

ReportDate of trialApproximate amount released (kg)LocationMaximum particle countSampling rate (l/min)Estimated inhaled dose (μg)*
*Assuming respiratory rate of 16.6 l/min (NRC 1997), 1.7×1010 particles/g (FR 504; PN 185) and loss of 50% of fluorescence.38
†Land based sampling not done.
PN Porton note; PTP Porton technical paper.
PN 146/2037 October 195911English Channel167620.40.160
7/8 November 195993English Channel 4020.20.004
9/10 November 195995Irish Sea 11521.40.010
PTP 89328 January 1963 7.6English Channel
28 January 1963 8.6English Channel
29 January 1963 9.5English Channel
29 January 1963 4.8English Channel
30 January 196310.2English Channel
30 January 196310.4English Channel