Table 1

Chloralkali facility job titles grouped into similar categories of exposure to Hg

Exposure group Job titles included
Mercury handlerMercury handler
Cell repairCell repair, cell assembly
Cell roomAssistant cell operator, assistant foreman, cell operator
Cell room: othersShift foreman, tester, engineer, production specialist
Products areaAcid loader, bleach operator, products operator, assistant products operator
Brine areaSalt plant operator, brine processor or assistant, saturation operator
Welding areaCell welder
Mechanics or maintenanceElectrician, maintenance painter, maintenance foreman, instrument technician, laundry room attendant
Relief operatorsRelief operator, adjuster, utility operator
Broiler roomBroiler room operator
ManagementPlant manager, operations manager
General labourerStoreroom attendant, laboratory technician, tank car painter, tank car service
Plant officeMaintenance clerk, shipping foreman, production supervisor, technician supervisor, security, maintenance planners, production manager, production superintendent
Main officeEmployee relations manager, plant controller, senior clerk, payroll clerk, accounting clerk, purchasing agent, receptionist, switchboard operator, purchasing clerk, senior laborer, dock operator
Environmental operatorEnvironmental operator, wastewater treatment operator