Table 2

Studies of environmental assessments of exposure among seafood processing workers

Study Seafood type Work process or job type Total particle concentration (mg/m3) Range Allergen concentration (μg/m3) Range Particle fraction measured
Orford et al 12(1985)King crabClaw saw operator0.176 (A)NDTotal (W)
Band saw operator0.014 (A)ND(30% ⩽5 μm)
Background0.039–0.052 (A)ND
Beaudet13(1994)King crabBand saw operator0.110–0.160 (P)NDTotal (W)
Crab “scoring” line0.030 (P)ND
Edelman14 (1994)Tanner crabButchering and packing0.140–0.680 (P)NDTotal (W)
Griffin et al 15 (1994)Common crabClaw cutting0.003–0.004 (Pr) (A)0.012–0.032 (A)Total (W)
Meat flotation0.002–0.004 (Pr) (A)0.011–0.053 (A)
Meat mincing0.003–0.005 (Pr) (A)0.009–0.115 (A)
Packing0.001–0.002 (Pr) (A)0.001–0.003 (A)
Cold store0.001 (Pr) (A)0.003–0.004 (A)
Malo et al 16 (1997)Snow crabBoiling water0.0092-151(Pr) (P)1.7002-151 (Pr) (P)Total (W)
Weytjenset al 17 (1999)Snow crabCrab crackingND0.084–0.547 (A)Total (W)
Boiler outletND0.053 (A)
Cooling basin outletND0.100 (A)
Final selectionND0.063 (A)
Crab crackerND4.961–5.061 (P)Total (W)
Crab sorter: cooling basinND0.196–0.604 (P)
Crab sorter: underwater jet cleaningND0.204–0.220 (P)
Crab sorter or cleanerND0.179–0.191 (P)
Ortegaet al 18 (1999)Snow crabButchering0.032–0.081 (Pr) (P)<—1402-150 Total (W)
Degilling0.034–1.500 (Pr) (P)<—5702-150
Packer-sorter0.010–0.020 (Pr) (P)<—1502-150
Cooking0.010–6.400 (Pr) (P)<—662-150
Shipping or case up0.039 (Pr) (P)<—2202-150
Loading dock or forklift0.011 (Pr) (P)<—8302-150
PollockProcessing plant0.004 (A)NDTotal (W)
Gaddieet al 19(1980)PrawnPrawn blowing (compressed air)1.8–3.3 (A)NDTotal (W)
Prawn blowing (water jets)0.1–0.3 (A)NDTotal (W)
Douglaset al 20(1995)SalmonWet—for example, fish gutting, grading2.71–3.57 (A)0.100–1.00 (A)Respirable (CM)
Dry—for example, fish packing in store0.04–0.05 (A)
Office<0.01 (A)
Tayloret al 21 (2000)Whiff megrim/hakeFish marketND0.002–0.025 (A)Total (W)
  • A=area sample; P=personal sample; W=time weighted average; CM=continuous monitoring; Pr=protein concentration; ND=not done; <=not detectable.

  • 2-150 Relative allergen units (RAU)/m3.

  • 2-151 μg Allergen per filter.