Table 3

Results of the multiple linear regression analysis (final best fitting model) with the degree of breathlessness as the dependent variable

β 95% CI p Value
Variables in the equation
 V˙E/V˙O2 (ratio)0.4230.18 to 0.670.001
 Smoking (non- versus ex- or current smokers)0.3180.21 to standardiz ed regression coefficient 1.790.014
Variables not in the equation
 Age (y)0.2290.101
 DL,CO (% predicted)−0.0980.479
 FEV1 (% predicted)−0.1070.926
 FEV1/FVC (% predicted)−0.0210.704
 P(a-ET) CO2 (mm Hg)−0.1790.172
  • β=standardised regression coefficient.

  • 95% CIs could only be computed for variables included in the final model.