Table 5

Multivariate hazards RRs (95% CIs) of prognostic factors for return to work after sickness vwelders's absence due to respiratory disorders

Cause of sickness absence Factor Subjects RR (95% CI) p Value
 Age (y):
  >40201.06(0.53 to 2.14)0.86
 Office workers21.00
vMetal workers254.90(1.04 to 23.13)0.04
v Welders194.77(0.97 to 23.4)0.05
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:
 Age (y):
  >40361.00(0.60 to 1.65)0.99
 Office workers41.00
vMetal workers455.53(1.83 to 16.73)0.002
v Welders304.79(1.56 to 14.71)0.006
Chronic non-specific lung disease:
 Age (y):
  >40380.90(0.55 to 1.47)0.67
 Office workers41.00
vMetal workers476.43(2.08 to 19.85)0.001
v Welders375.74(1.90 to 17.4)0.002