Table 5

Response of experts and platers to statements relating to sources of information

% agree
StatementExperts* (n=13)Platers (n=81)
*The above statements were reworded in the experts’ questionnaire, replacing the words “I” and “my” with “platers”, that is, asking experts to express their own views on the information needs of platers.
1Written information about the chemicals is essential to my job9294
2My company makes sure everyone reads written safety information2377
3I have learned most of what I know about risks of plating from the people I have worked with9274
4I don’t need to know what a chemical could to do to me; I just need to know how to handle it safely012
5Safety Data Sheets are too complex for most platers to understand9232
6A Safety Data Sheet on a substance I use is not going to tell me anything I don’t know already822