Table 2

Responses of experts and platers to statements relating to risk perceptions (%)

% agree
StatementExperts* (no. responses)Platers (no. responses)
*Note experts’ response in terms of their perception of what platers would say.
1There’s no special safety problem for workers who don’t understand English 0 (13)14 (78)
2I have a good understanding of the risks from the work I do 23 (11)98 (81)
3It is easy to become complacent about the risks in my work100 (13)85 (82)
4People don’t take safety seriously until they have an accident 85 (13)85 (82)
5Working in plating causes no long term health problems 15 (13)31 (78)
6All chemicals are safe as long as they are handled correctlyN/A84 (80)
7My company takes the risks of working with chemicals very seriously 23 (12)74 (77)
8Skin rashes are more likely to be caused when wearing protective gloves than by nickel 0 (13)27 (74)
9As long as you swill your eyes with water, a chrome splash will not harm you 0 (13)13 (79)