Table 1

Knowledge of chemical hazards for platers

Statement% agree (no. responses)
1Solvents may make your skin tingle but cause no harm21 (82)
2Chromic acid used in plating is not harmful because it is in dilute form4 (80)
3Chromic acid is more dangerous than nickel salts86 (81)
4Inhaling chrome mists can give you lung cancer89 (79)
5Chromic acid burns the skin93 (82)
6Nickel produces skin rashes92 (80)
7Chromic acid mist causes ulcers in the nose96 (80)
8Chrome stains on the skin are not harmful17 (78)
9Nickel causes cancer57 (68)
10There is no known safe limit for chromic acid mist in the atmosphere56 (77)