Table 5

Lung cancer mortality trend by industry according to exposure to radon daugters5-151

Industry n Person-years Obs5-152 Exp5-152 SMR 95% CI
Granite quarries1762963.755.60.890.37 to 2.14
Metal mines5-153 3336579.91411.71.200.71 to 2.02
Coal mines1162086.474.21.670.80 to 3.47
Metal mines5-154 991572.083.42.351.20 to 4.615-150
Poisson χ2 trend statistic3.875-150
  • 5-150 p<0.05.

  • 5-151 See text: Assessment of exposure to silica dust and radon progeny.

  • 5-152 Obs=observed deaths; Exp=expected deaths.

  • 5-153 Metal mines with low exposure to radon daughters (mean=0.12 WLM/y).

  • 5-154 Metal mines with relatively high exposure to radon daughters (mean=1.43 WLM/y).