Table 2

Proposed thresholds for automated blood pressure measurements

95th percentiles2-150 Normotension2-151 Hypertension2-152
Ambulatory blood pressure:
 24 h (mm Hg)132/822-150 ⩽130/80>135/85
 Daytime (mm Hg)138/872-150 ⩽135/85>140/90
 Night time (mm Hg)123/742-150 ⩽120/70>125/75
Self recorded blood pressure:
 Morning (mm Hg)136/85⩽135/85>140/90
 Evening (mm Hg)139/86⩽135/85>140/90
 Morning and evening (mm Hg)137/85⩽135/85>140/90
  • 2-150 Mean value for the 95th percentiles in normotensive subjects (see table 1).

  • 2-151 Obtained by rounding downward to the next blood pressure value ending in 0 or 5.

  • 2-152 Obtained by rounding upward to the next value ending in 0 or 5.