Table 1

The 95th percentiles as the upper limits of the distribution of the ambulatory blood pressure in normotensive subjects

IDB AIB-S Bel-PS Jap-PS Dan-PS It-PS All
 Normotensive subjects1-150 31881-151 8077293241-152 2381-152 14025286
Mean (range) age (y)48 (10–99)36 (17–80)50 (20–88)59 (20–79)49 (20–79)46 (25–64)48 (10–99)
Systolic pressure (mm Hg):
 Whole day134131129134136128132
 Night time128120121128122121123
Diastolic pressure (mm Hg):
 Whole day82828079868282
 Night time77727274777474
  • 1-150 95th percentiles were determined in normotensive subjects, with conventional blood pressure lower than 140 mm Hg systolic and 90 mm Hg diastolic.

  • 1-151 This group excludes participants of the Allied Irish Bank Study and the Belgian population study, who were analysed separately.

  • 1-152 For the Japanese and Danish studies, the authors provided the 95th percentiles from the databases described in references 49 and 57, respectively.

  • IDB=International database; AIB-S=Allied Irish Bank study; Bel-PS, Jap-PS, Dan-PS, It-PS=Belgian, Japanese, Danish, and Italian population studies, respectively.