Table 6

Adjusted ORs for oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia, and teratozoospermia and current (most recent) work with solvents and ever work with solvents; with the probability of the true relative risk (RR) being ⩾2.0

Exposure (yes v no) OR 95% CI p Value Probability that the true RR is ⩾2.0 (n)
 Solvent work6-150 1.330.91 to 1.950.141.5%
 Ever solvent work6-150 1.200.91 to 1.780.230.03%
 Solvent work6-150 1.140.81 to 1.610.440.1%
 Ever solvent work6-150 1.220.94 to 1.580.140.0%
 Solvent work6-150 1.140.60 to 2.170.715.1%
 Ever solvent work6-150 1.170.71 to 1.920.512.3%
  • 6-150 Adjusted for surgical operations which may potentially impair fertility, social class, and Leicestershire residence.

  • 6-151 Cases=oligozoospermia, n=367; controls=not oligozoospermia, n=1213.

  • 6-152 Cases=asthenozoospermia, n=704; controls=not asthenozoospermia, n=872.

  • 6-153 Cases=teratozoospermia, n=108; controls=not teratozoospermia, n=1451.