Table 3

Adjusted ORs for oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia, and teratozoospermia and leatherwork (current or most recent job) (n=1580)

Exposure (yes v no) Adjusted3-151OR 95% CI p Value
 Leatherwork (current or most recent)1.200.43 to 3.330.73
 Surgical operations3-150 2.431.64 to 3.62<0.001
 Social class III: rest1.351.07 to 1.710.013
 Leicestershire resident2.021.37 to 2.96<0.001
 Leatherwork (current or most recent)0.460.17 to 1.280.14
 Surgical operations3-150 2.021.37 to 2.99<0.001
 Leicestershire resident2.151.59 to 2.91<0.001
 Leatherwork (current or most recent)1.650.37 to 7.300.51
 Surgical operations3-150 2.201.23 to 3.930.008
 Social class III: rest0.890.60 to 1.310.55
 Leicestershire resident1.130.64 to 1.990.67
  • 3-150 Surgical operations which may potentially impair fertility.

  • 3-151 Each OR listed for each subheading was adjusted for the effects of all other factors listed under that subheading.