Table 1

Differences in scores between local health units and universities (1–27 topics)

Macro sector Topic identified Rank Mean score Mean score in local health units Mean score in university Significance of differences between mean score in local health units and university (*95% CI and**99% CI)
DOccupational carcinogenesis14.324.334.31
EQuality in occupational medicine24.154.413.88 **(Local health units> university)
DExposure to low doses and multiple exposure3443.99
EWorker information, education, and participation43.894.043.73 *(Local health units> university)
EOrganisation, strategies, and optimisation of prevention and safety services at the workplace53.874.383.34 **(Local health units> university)
EBiological monitoring: identification of markers for low dose exposure63.833.723.94
ANew work related diseases73.773.753.79
EMedical surveillance and work ability criteria73.773.873.67
AWork accidents93.753.993.5 **(Local health units> university)
BElectromagnetic fields103.693.683.71
EWork organisation and new types of work113.663.733.59
AMusculoskeletal and repetitive trauma disorders123.643.783.5 *(Local health units> university)
CHealthcare and hospital sector133.613.523.7
BAsbestos substitute fibres143.553.513.6
DIndividual susceptibility and development of susceptibility indicators153.533.233.84 **(Local health units< university)
AOccupational allergies163.463.423.5
BBiological agents173.443.463.41
AOccupational asthma and respiratory diseases183.433.283.57 *(Local health units< university)
BLoad handling203.363.533.19 *(Local health units> university)
CSpecial populations at risk (elderly, minor, and disabled people)213.333.423.24
BOccupational exposure to urban chemical pollutants223.323.123.53 *(Local health units< university)
DMechanisms of action of occupational stress and occurrence of diseases223.323.33.33
AReproductive and pregnancy disorders243.313.393.22
EMethods of assessing and measuring occupational stress253.293.283.29
CAir quality and indoor environments263.142.943.34 *(Local health units< university)
DMechanisms of skin absorption of xenobiotics272.932.813.04