Table 3

Proportion of days of sick leave (% of potential work days) in trailer assembly during the follow up of 3 years and 9 months

Job experience/disorder Men
(530 person years)
(232 person years)
Experienced workers (490 person-years):
 Musculoskeletal disorders2.23.3
 Occupational accidents0.60.8
 Other disorders and accidents2.01.2
 All disorders and accidents5.46.2
New workers, year 1 (168 person-years):
 Musculoskeletal disorders2.34.7
 Occupational accidents1.30.8
 Other disorders and accidents2.53.2
 All disorders and accidents7.210.0
New workers, year 2+ (104 person-years):
 Musculoskeletal disorders2.24.8
 Occupational accidents1.52.2
 Other disorders and accidents2.62.1
 All disorders and accidents7.610.8