Table 1

Age, sex, smoking, and education for subjects from a sample near Stockholm Arlanda airport and a sample from other parts of Stockholm county

VariableAirport sample (n=266)County sample (n=2693)Airport-county difference (%)
n%n%Difference95% CI
Age (mean (SD))45.1 (14.8)47.1 (15.6)−2.0−4.0 to 0.0
Male sex13450.4122145.35.1−2.0 to 10.2
 Former7528.282230.5−2.3−7.8 to 3.2
 Current6122.955620.72.2−2.7 to 7.5
 9 y school10539.593634.84.7−0.7 to 11.3
 High school9335.0103038.3−3.3−9.4 to 2.3
 University5319.962723.3−3.4−8.3 to 1.6