Table 4

Associations between respiratory symptoms and sensitisation to enzymes, flours, storage mites, and environmental allergens (atopy), and work category

SensitisationSymptoms at work
Rhinitis4-150Lower respiratory tract symptoms4-151
OR95% CIOR95% CI
 Unadjusted4.71.2 to to 48.4
 Adjusted4-152 4.81.2 to to 35.5
 Unadjusted1.60.4 to to 46.4
 Adjusted4-152 1.60.4 to to 34.7
Storage mites:
 Unadjusted1.10.4 to to 6.2
 Adjusted4-152 1.00.3 to to 3.0
Atopy (skin prick test):
 Unadjusted1.10.5 to to 19.8
Process work:
 Unadjusted3.21.2 to to 4.0
 Adjusted4-152 3.21.2 to to 4.5
  • 4-150 Stuffy nose or watery discharge.

  • 4-151 Recurrent cough, dyspnoea, or wheezing.

  • 4-152 Adjusted for atopy (atopy by skin prick test).