Table 3

Incidences of acute symptoms for selected characteristics among adults (n=126), Rome, 1998

Eye irritationNose/throat problemsRespiratory symptoms
of breath
History of chronic respiratory disease:3-151
Smoking habit:
Present at the pool as:
 Accompanying person60.472.115.34.559.564.9
Engaged in physical exercise at the time of the accident:
Time to vacate the pool (minutes):
Perception of exposure:
 Not at all/a little41.556.97.747.753.8
 A moderate amount78.685.719.114.366.771.4
 A lot94.7100.047.415.894.7100.0
  • Totals may vary because of missing values.

  • 3-150 Wheezing includes shortness of breath with wheezing.

  • 3-151 Chronic respiratory disease includes asthma, bronchitis, emphysema.