Table 2

Personal exposure to microbial agents, dust, and ammonia during farm work (TWA exposure on the measurement day until symptoms were recorded)

Agentn2-150TWA exposure2-151
Total dust (mg/m3)1060.840.314.2
 Organic dust (mg/m3)990.280.0479.0
 Silicon rich dust (mg/m3)990.0810.0217.8
 Other inorganic dust (mg/m3)990.490.164.7
Fungal spores (106/m3)1061.20.09916
Total bacteria (106/m3)1042.50.567.7
 Rod shaped bacteria (106/m3)990.220.02411
 Actinomycetes spores (106/m3)1062-152 2-152 2-152
Endotoxins (103EU/m3)105131.214
β(1→3)-glucans (μg/m3)906.40.8214
EPSPen/Asp 2-153(mgeq/m3)620.140.02210
Mites2-154 (mite units/m3)851.40.004110
  • 2-150 Number of measurements.

  • 2-151 8 h time weighted average exposure; AM=arithmetic mean; GM=geometric mean; GSD=geometric SD.

  • 2-152 Not estimated because of many data below detection limit.

  • 2-153 Extracellular polysaccharides specific forPenicillium andAspergillus species.

  • 2-154 Surrogate measure, see the text.

  • 2-155 Ammonia was only measured when exposure was likely and otherwise assumed to be 0 in computation of cumulative exposure.