Table 7

Biomarkers of benzene exposure in urban workers: regression analyses

B7-150 SE R2 p Value
 Dependent variable: ln blood benzene (after shift):
 Constant7-153 5.0570.084
 ln TWA benzene exposure0.1090.0460.0240.020
 Dependent variable: ln TMA (after shift):
 Constant7-153 4.4570.146
 Dependent variable: ln S-PMA (after shift):
 Constant7-153 −0.6710.555
 ln blood benzene0.2930.1020.0380.005
  • Stepwise regression analysis: for entry p=0.05.

  • 7-150 B=slope of the regression line.

  • 7-151 Variables considered: TWA benzene exposure, job (trafficv office police), smoking, sex, age.

  • 7-152 Variables considered: TWA benzene exposure, job, blood benzene, smoking, sex, age.

  • 7-153 Constant=estimated intercept value.