Table 4

Occupational exposure to benzene in outdoor and indoor workers: regression analysis

B4-150 SE R2 p Value
Dependent variable: ln benzene exposure (whole study population):
 Constant4-153 −0.5930.403
 Environmental benzene0.4740.1480.0360.002
Dependent variable: ln benzene exposure (traffic police only):
 Constant4-153 0.5180.499
 Environmental benzene0.5540.1960.0480.005
  • Stepwise regression analysis: for entry p=0.05.

  • 4-150 B=slope of the regression line.

  • 4-151 Variables considered: job (traffic voffice police), environmental benzene, season, smoking habits, sex, age.

  • 4-152 Variables considered: environmental benzene, season, smoking, sex, age.

  • 4-153 Constant=estimated intercept value.