Table 4

Analysis of principal components with varimax rotation: weights (⩾0.4) assigned on each of seven factors

3Having wind0.541
5Stomach pain0.618
8Waking with an attack of shortness of breath0.500
10A loss in weight0.529
19Nervous trouble0.571
20Feeling irritated for no particular reason0.674
21Lack of interest in sex0.485
22Difficulty concentrating0.6010.452
23Feeling sleepy for most of the day0.540
25Wheezing or whistling in your chest0.685
27Problems doing up buttons on your clothes0.457
28Pain in your chest0.432
29Poor appetite0.599
30Feeling sick0.514
32Feeling unhappy and depressed0.761
34Waking up feeling tired and worn out0.598
35Losing sleep due to worry0.640
36Difficulty in standing up from a chair0.571
38Having too little energy to start doing things0.573
39A feeling of heaviness in your chest0.635
41Feeling too weak to complete what you are doing0.4410.439
42Losing your balance0.549
43A poor memory0.4240.683
44Itching skin0.572
45Having to make notes to help you remember things0.669
47Painful tingling in your hands or feet0.4630.437
50Loss of sensation in your hands and feet0.4060.475
51Difficulty in lifting down an object from just above your head0.572
52A loss of confidence in yourself0.706
54Head colds0.480
55Having to go back and check that you have done things0.4570.589
56Feelings of anger which are difficult to control0.683
57Thinking that you were a worthless person0.704
59A sore throat0.480
61Slurring your words0.444
67Phlegm or sputum (spit from the chest)0.651
68People telling you that you have a poor memory0.657
71A flare up of acne0.410
72Feeling stiff0.4010.402
73Chest infections0.719
74Difficulty in grasping the meaning of what you read0.544
75Skin rashes0.570
76Cramps or spasms in your muscles0.414
78Double vision0.455
79Memory flashbacks0.462
80Shortness of breath when walking with other people of your own age0.4710.445
81Feeling unsteady when walking0.661
82Waking up with a tight chest0.649
83Feeling incapable of making decisions about things0.5540.417
84Feeling dizzy0.489
86Difficulty in saying what you want to say0.4630.484
87Sudden changes of mood0.697
89Your eyes watering0.461
90Cold hands or feet0.441
91Tingling under your skin0.5330.417
92Loss of appetite0.611
94Feeling bloated0.408
95Wishing you were dead and away from it all0.639
  • 4-150 Factor 1=psychological; factor 2=peripheral; factor 3=neurological; factor 4=respiratory; factor 5=gastrointestinal; factor 6=concentration; factor 7=appetite.