Table 3

Symptoms on which the mean score for Gulf veterans (n=8014) was at least twice that for the non-Gulf cohort (n=3900)

Question number Symptom Ratio Gulf/non-Gulf
68People telling you that you have a poor memory2.23
43A poor memory2.21
22Difficulty concentrating2.16
20Feeling irritated for no particular reason2.14
87Sudden changes of mood2.12
74Difficulty grasping the meaning of what you read2.12
91Tingling under your skin2.07
41Feeling too weak to complete what you are doing2.07
56Feelings of anger that are difficult to control2.05
61Slurring your words2.04
83Feeling incapable of making decisions about things2.02
86Difficulty in saying what you want to say2.01
19Nervous trouble2.01