Table 1

Age, BMI andV˙o 2max for all cases, for cases with a single episode of heat exhaustion and for cases with repeat episodes of heat exhaustion

n Mean 95% CI Median SD Range p Value1-150
All cases:
  Age10633.632.1 to–55
  BMI9629.628.7 to 30.529.64.420.2–40.6
 V˙o 2max9543.040.9 to–83.2
Single episode cases:
  Age7633.631.7 to 35.532.08.619–55
  BMI6629.128.1 to–40.6
 V˙o 2max6543.240.5 to 45.940.711.225.9–83.2
Repeat cases:
  Age1234.631.6 to 37.534.55.224–460.695
  BMI1230.427.9 to 32.930.74.520.8–36.00.373
 V˙o 2max1240.036.0 to–49.40.344
  • 1-150 Single episode group v repeat episode group.