Table 3

Association between chronic bronchitis and relevant occupational long term exposure (>5 y) to physical and chemical factors

Exposure Chronic bronchitis n=485 (%) No bronchitis n=2846 (%) p Value
Cold and draught6049<0.001
Strong variations of temperature4031<0.001
Strong heat15110.024
Moist and humidity14100.010
Dust (concrete, granite, etc)138<0.001
Soldering fumes1090.447
Welding fumes1390.020
Organic solvents1610<0.001
Vapours from lacquer, paint, varnish860.125
Plastic (manufacture of or exposure to vapours)
Glass fibre2.51.60.145
  • p Values are of Yates's corrected χ2 tests. Variables are presented according to their order in the questionnaire.