Table 1

Description of the study population and exposure variables

People included in the data collection1851618020
The cohort1-150 1568314287
 Deaths 1973–968625.513319.3
  Participants without job titles618339.4315522.1
  Participants with job titles9500100.011132100.0
 Deaths 1973–964244.58367.5
Exposure variables:
  Ever unemployed8759.2130911.8
  Unemployed in 19732632.83152.8
  Unemployed earlier but work in 19736126.49948.9
 Part time work299331.52372.1
 Overtime work:
  ⩽5 h/week4975.2145713.1
  >5 h/week2492.6150513.5
 Extra work:
  ⩽5 h/week3503.78447.6
  >5 h/week3623.810139.1
  • 1-150 191 Women and 171 men could not be identified when matching with the Causes of Death Registry.