Table 2

Reported presence and use of sterilisation devices and results of spore and sterility tests in 51 dental surgeries in a local health unit in Lombardy

n %
Sterilisation devices:
 No answer35.9
Use of sterilisation tests:
 Complete tests (chemical+biological)59.8
 Only chemical tests2651.0
 Only biological tests12.0
 No tests1427.4
 No answer59.8
Results of spore and sterility tests:
 Failure rate of spore test in autoclaves (n=35)38.6
 Failure rate of spore test in chemiclaves (n=7)114.3
 Failure of spore test in ovens (n=6)00
 Sterility test failed for endodontic instruments  (n=51)47.8