Table 2

Numbers of employed workers, exposures, and exposed workers (in thousands) in the European Union by industry in 1990–3

ISIC-2 codeIndustryEmployed workers (n)Exposures (n)Exposed workers (n)
11Agriculture and hunting790030003000
12Forestry and logging410560350
21Coal mining37011
22Crude petroleum and natural gas production1304343
23Metal ore mining6215029
29Other mining270450190
311–2Food manufacturing2700330310
313Beverage industries4105959
314Tobacco manufacture8844
321Manufacture of textiles1300240220
322Manufacture of wearing apparel1500350340
323Manufacture of leather and products of leather1804140
324Manufacture of footwear4608988
331Manufacture of wood and wood and cork products770620500
332Manufacture of furniture and fixtures790810600
341Manufacture of paper and paper products730170140
342Printing, publishing, and allied industries1700450440
351Manufacture of industrial chemicals1000460350
352Manufacture of other chemical products950380340
353Petroleum refineries1308574
354Manufacture of petroleum and coal products261818
355Manufacture of rubber products380140140
356Manufacture of plastic products840380330
361Manufacture of pottery, china, and earthware260250170
362Manufacture of glass and glass products300200130
369Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products640530430
371Iron and steel basic industries850560380
372Non-ferrous metal basic industries360230160
381Manufacture of fabricated metal products28001300810
382Manufacture of machinery except electrical38001200830
383Manufacture of electrical machinery3000470440
384Manufacture of transport equipment30001500970
385Manufacture of instruments, etc540200190
39Other manufacturing industries400120110
41Electricity, gas, and steam1200480430
42Water works and supply2208484
6Wholesale and retail trade and restaurants2400042003500
711Land transport420019001700
712Water transport350250180
713Air transport450330290
719Services allied to transport1400630580
8Financing, insurance, real estate, business services1300011001100
91Public administration and defence1100016001600
92Sanitary and similar services1400430360
931Education services9000370330
932Research and scientific institutes490140100
933Medical, dental, other health services8200810730
934Welfare institutions4000220210
935–9Business, professional, and other organisations1500230230
94Recreational and cultural services2100280270
95Personal and household services3200038001600
96International organisations16011