Table 4

Prevalence of restriction of activity due to musculoskeletal disorders across levels of work variables by sex4-150

VariableMen (n=3899)Women (n=3679)
n% yesn% yes
Decision latitude (control):
Psychological demands (demand):
Work social support:
Job insecurity:
Work physical exertion:
 Full time35727.226365.5
 Part time3277.910436.4
Shift for main job:
 Irregular (with/without weekend)9298.67746.9
 Regular (with weekend)9506.77164.7
 Regular (no weekend)20206.921895.7
Job type:
 Blue collar18907.95336.0
 White collar18957.030485.9
  • 4-150 Listwise deletion of all variables except job category, where missing category was created.