Table 2

Prevalence of back problems and restriction of musculoskeletal activity for each category of sociodemographic and health behaviour variables, by sex 2-150

VariableBack problems (% yes)Musculoskeletal activity restriction (% yes)
Men (n=4209)Women (n=4027)Men (n=3899)Women (n=3679)
Household income:
 Lower/lower middle income14.412.312.35.5
 Middle income13.411.87.76.3
 Upper middle income14.712.85.76.0
 Higher income14.413.37.65.3
 Less than secondary15.513.67.88.2
 Secondary complete11.811.76.84.1
 Some college university17.
 College/university complete13.412.26.65.2
Marital status:
 Never married8.810.95.05.0
 Married/common law16.
 Current smoker16.
 Former smoker16.512.67.06.4
Leisure time physical activity:
  • 2-150 Listwise deletion for all variables except income, where missing category was created.