Table 2

Characteristics and results of surveys on patient and client satisfaction with occupational health services (OHS) or occupational health (OH) programmes

Author OH intervention evaluated Measurement instrument Setting Study participants Results
Patient surveys:
 Conbere et al, 199230 Case management programmeMailed questionnaire on 16 aspects of case management; 5 point Likert scaleOHS, USAn=61
Participants in case management programme past 4 years
55% Very satisfied or satisfied, average score 3.37
 Rogerset al, 199331 OH programme on care and prevention, mainly periodic health examinationsMailed questionnaire on aspects of consultation process and administrative aspects; 5 point Likert scaleOHS related to one pharmaceutical company, USAn=494
Employees visiting OHS one week before questionnaire in three months period
62–77% Very satisfied with doctor
64–80% Very satisfied with nurse, average score 4.5–4.8
 Bosmaet al, 199632 Rehabilitation of sick workersQuestionnaire with 16 items on satisfaction; 5 point Likert scale20 Occupational physicians from different OHSs, the Netherlandsn=166
Patients directly after visit
97% Very satisfied or satisfied, average satisfaction score 4.3
 Kujala and Vaisänen, 199733 OHS in generalMailed questionnaire with 4 point Likert scaleWood processing company, Finlandn=546
Employees (377 made use of OHS in past 6 months)
76% High degree of satisfaction in general
84% High degree of satisfaction after visit in past 6 months
 Antti-Poikaet al, 199834 OHS in generalMailed questionnaire with 7 point scale ranging from 4 to 10Two companies in Finlandn=1266
Average satisfaction score 8.7
 Mitchellet al, 199935 OH programmeQuestionnaire on service quality with 25 items; 5 point Likert scaleGovernment office, USAn=200
Randomly chosen employees
Average satisfaction score 3.8–4.1
 Plomp, 199936 Rehabilitation, consultation, health examinationInterviews: were you satisfied? 3 point scale: positive, moderate, negativeOHS of three companies, the Netherlandsn=286
Employees that visited OHS in past year
38%–76% Satisfied
 Van der Weide et al, 199937 Occupational rehabilitation for low back painQuestionnaire on several dimensions of satisfaction; 24 items; 5 point Likert scaleEight OHS participating in randomised controlled trialsn=59
Patients rehabilitated according to guidelines by occupational physicians
Mean (SD) score 66(16) % of maximum attainable score; score 11 points higher if guidelines were followed better
Client surveys:
 Wood et al, 198738 OHS in generalQuestionnaire yes or no satisfied, average percentage satisfiedOHS related to 32 firms, Australian=143
Managers (n=32), employees (n=76), OH professionals (n=35)
Employees less satisfied than managers
 Kahan et al, 199539 Occupational hygiene servicesPostal questionnaire; 5 point Likert scaleOccupational Hygiene Service, Israeln=144
Clients during a 2 year period
76.1% Mostly or completely satisfied with services in general
 Weel et al, 199640 New form of service delivery of OHSInterviewOHS related to seven firms in the Netherlandsn=7
Company officials
Opinion on quality of OHS was more positive after than before experiment
 Dyck, 199641 OHS, managed rehabilitation care (MRC) and employee assistance programme (EAP)Questionnaire about service quality; gaps between expectations and providers perceptionsOHS gas and oil company, Canadan=57 OHS, n=48 MRC, n=17 EAP, Employees, managers and caregiversNo gaps between clients' expectations and providers' perceptions; quality high
 Hooiveldet al, 199917 OHS in generalPostal questionnaire; 5 point Likert scale; 10 point general satisfaction rating.All OHSs in the Netherlandsn=481
Workers' councils
50% Satisfied or very satisfied with OHS; average satisfaction rating 5.3 to 6.8 (out of 10)