Table 9

Factors predictive of symptoms using pooled data from all five buildings

Symptom Environmental factor p Value
Stuffy noseReduced high frequency noise<0.01
Increased low frequency noise<0.01
Runny noseAir turbulence<0.01
Itchy eyesTemperature gradient (head floor)<0.01
Increased low frequency noise=0.001
Particulates (5–10 μm)<0.01
Dry throatTemperature - diurnal variation<0.001
Particulates (10 μm)<0.001
HeadacheTemperature (dry bulb)<0.01
Particulates (5–10 μm)<0.001
LethargyMultiple noise measures9-150
Particulates (10 μm)<0.001
Dry skinIncreased low frequency noise<0.01
  • 9-150 There was instability of the regression model with interaction between variables that could not be controlled. Findings of uncertain significance.