Table 6

Factors predictive of symptoms in building C

Symptom Environmental factor p Value
Stuffy noseReduced relative humidity<0.01
Particulates (1–5 μm)<0.001
Runny nose
Itchy eyesIncreased temperature (dry bulb)<0.01
Reduced high frequency noise<0.001
Dry throat
HeadacheLower diurnal temperature variation<0.01
LethargyFloor to ankle temperature gradient<0.001
Horizontal asymmetric radiant temperature<0.01
Dry bulb temperature<0.001
Increased CO2 concentrations<0.001
Particulates (10 μm)<0.01
Dry skinFloor to ankle temperature gradient=0.01
Globe temperature<0.001
Horizontal asymmetric radiant temperature<0.01
Increased low frequency noise<0.01
Particulates (total count)<0.01