Table 3

Individual symptom prevalence as experienced by building in the target population involving selected high and low symptom reporting areas

Stuffy nose (%):
 Total population11.411.534.815.415.4
 Analysed population20.410.435.89.719.418.2
Runny nose (%):
 Total population2.
 Analysed population7.
Itchy eyes (%):
 Total population7.56.831.216.715.2
 Analysed population7.49.128.311.322.615.3
Dry throat (%):
 Total population7.28.631.34.823.4
 Analysed population11.110.426.44.825.815.3
Headaches (%):
 Total population14.116.728.514.116.7
 Analysed population14.824.730.214.524.221.8
Lethargy (%):
 Total population8.311.533.014.116.7
 Analysed population7.413.037.714.527.419.5
Dry skin (%):
 Total population5.65.712.57.58.7
 Analysed population1.96.511.311.36.57.5
Sample size:
 Total population185192112227231
 Analysed population5477536262308
  • Total population=prevalence of symptoms in all those seen as part of overall survey; analysed population=prevalence of symptoms in the those workers, working within the work areas, identified for the cluster analysis and subsequent environmental survey.