Table 3

Diseases of the airways and the skin in the waste workers, diagnosed by occupational health physicians (in workers with >1 disease only the leading disease was considered)

Biowaste collectors n=53 Compost workers
Control subjects n=40
Mucous membrane irritation0 20
Tracheobronchitis (490.0)2 7p=0.040
Sinusitis (473.0–473.3)1 41
Organic dust toxic syndrome0 10
Diseases of the airways (combined)314p=0.0031
Eczema (692.9)0 30
Dermatomycosis (111.9)0 20
Pyoderma (586.0)0 10
Otitis externa (380.1)0 20
Diseases of the skin (combined)0 8p=0.020
Total diseases322p<0.0001
  • p Values are calculated v the control group with Fisher's exact test, two sided.