Table 2

Prevalence of reported symptoms by age and occupational group

Symptom groupAge (y)
Muscle weakness (%):
 Farmers not sheep dippers4.
 Sheep dippers3.07.07.414.27.8
Sensory (%):
 Farmers not sheep dippers0.014.35.920.05.7
 Sheep dippers5.411.311.418.711.6
Autonomic (%):
 Farmers not sheep dippers25.028.617.60.020.8
 Sheep dippers26.524.626.835.528.4
Symptoms indicator (%):2-150
 Farmers not sheep dippers12.514.35.920.011.3
 Sheep dippers9.016.920.131.019.1
Age distribution:2-151
 Farmers not sheep dippers24717553
 Sheep dippers166142149155612
  • 2-150 At least one positive muscle weakness or sensory symptom, or two autonomic symptoms.

  • 2-151 Denominators for prevalence of symptoms.