Table 3

Health outcomes and chronic exposure (ORs (95% CIs) for association with proximity to opencast sites)

CommunityOR3-15095% CIChildren (n)
Opencast Control
Cumulative prevalence (%):
 Wheeze36371.030.8 to 1.23216
 Asthma21211.030.8 to 1.23216
 Bronchitis861.30.99 to 1.83216
Period prevalence in past year (%):
 ⩾12 Wheezing attacks690.50.2 to 0.935883-151
 Woken child at night62680.80.6 to 1.2588
 Limited speech18200.90.5 to 1.4588
 Occurred on exercise60611.010.7 to 1.5588
  • 3-150 OR from logistic regression estimating association with community type after adjustment for pairs, child's sex, number of people in household, smoking, moulting pets, use of polluting fuel to heat or cook, damp, housing tenure, unemployment, access to transport, child's age, family history of asthma, eczema, or hayfever, propensity of parent to worry, and population stability.

  • 3-151 Children who have had asthma or wheezing attack in past year.