Table 2

Characteristics and comparability of study samples

Opencast (%)Control (%)
Age (y):
 Not owner occupied3535
 Unemployed2-150 1210
 No car access1820
 Single adult1516
⩾1 Smokers in household4543
⩾1 Indicators of damp1722
Polluting heating2-151 6663
Polluting cooking2-152 4459
Present address for most of life1§ 8591
Long term work in dusty industry2-154 1715
Respondents (n)16391577
  • 2-150 ⩾1 Adults seeking work.

  • 2-151 Coal or open fire, solid fuel, coke, wood, gas fires orbottles, paraffin.

  • 2-152 Solid fuel, oil, gas.

  • §Child at present address or within half a mile for most of life.

  • 2-154 Adult in household worked in agriculture or gardening, coal industry or coal delivery (not opencast), cokeworks, opencast coal extraction, potter or ceramics, printing industry, quarrying or stonemasonry, wood or paper industry.