Table 5

Linear correlation (r) between observed and predicted exposure comparing predictions using the original concentrate and splash exposure variables, and two sets of surrogate input variables for splash and concentrate (parameters β and γ correspond to regression estimates shown in table 3 )

Exposure variables
used in prediction
Model parameter sets
β=3.6, γ=0.2 (robust)β=3.1, γ=0.4 (non-robust)
Original variables5-150 0.780.79
Extended surrogates5-151 0.520.52
Simple surrogates5-152 0.560.55
  • 5-150 Number of events handling concentrates and uncorrected TWSS.

  • 5-151 Uses number of sheep dipped for concentrate and task by bath means for splash.

  • 5-152 Uses average handling events for concentrate and task only means for splash.