Table 3

Multiple linear regression of increments in urinary metabolites (DEP+DETP) against the number of events handling concentrate and the uncorrected time weighted splash score using the full data set and a subset excluding three potential outliers (subjects 17/2, 23/1, and 15/1) (α, β, and γ refer to model parameters in equation (2))

Subjects included Subjects
α (intercept)
mean (SEM)
β (concentrate) mean (SEM) γ (splash) mean (SEM)
All subjects42−2.4  (5.1)3.1  (0.8)0.4  (0.2)
Excluding subjects 17/2, 23/1, and 15/1393.0 (4.6)3.6 (0.7)0.2 (0.2)