Table 4

Ratio of reported to observed durations of exposure to sources of vibration

Source of exposureSubjects4-150
Ratio of reported to observed duration of exposure
Median(Interquartile range)
Impact screwdriver74.0(3.7–17.5)
Nut runner83.0(1.7–8.6)
Nailing or stapling gun114.6(2.3–6.9)
Hammer drill62.7(2.0–9.7)
Hand held sander86.3(3.4–7.6)
Impact wrench55.6(3.0–10.0)
Jig saw83.5(1.8–8.2)
Hand held portable grinder112.1(1.2–6.3)
Hand guided mower101.2(0.8–2.0)
Floor polisher131.6(1.4–1.9)
Any source of hand transmitted vibration1042.5(1.6–5.9)
Bus or coach121.1(1.0–1.2)
Fork lift truck241.0(0.9–1.2)
Any source of whole body vibration621.1(1.0–1.2)
  • 4-150 Analysis was restricted to subjects whose report of exposure was confirmed by observation.