Table 2

Agreement between reported and observed sources of exposure to vibration over a 1 hour period

Source of exposure Workers reporting exposures
Workers observed to be exposed
Sensitivity (%) Specificity
Floor polisher1313100100
Nut runner15156697
Impact wrench1377195
Impact screwdriver12183997
Jig saw12136998
Circular saw9610098
Hand guided mower1010100100
Hammer drill163053100
Riveting hammer or dolly13110093
Nailing or stapling gun17245898
Hand held portable grinder121486100
Hand held sander13109098
Any source of hand transmitted vibration2-150 1101139698
Bus or coach131210097
Fork lift truck242596100
Any source of whole body vibration2-150 73659791
  • 2-150 From the sources listed in the questionnaire.