Table 1

Frequency of lower lobe cancers in cohort studies

Characteristics and resultsAuthor and year
Jacob and Anspach 196511 Brodkin et al 199712
Source of materialRegistry of all asbestos workers in DresdenAsbestos workers
In cohort (n)26364060
With lung cancer (n)3073
Stratification by asbestosisNo, 80% had asbestosis onx ray filmYes, by profusion of small irregular opacities on x ray film
Cancer site denominatorUpper + lower lobesUpper + lower lobes
Lower lobe %68.832.91-150
 <1/030.8 (8/26)
 1/034.8 (8/23)
 ⩾1/133.3 (8/24)
Control groupDresden population⩾14254 ⩾20 pack-year smokers
Lower lobe %28.620.41-150
  • 1-150 p<0.05, χ2 for difference=4.34.

  • Odds ratio calculated by authors: 1.92 (95% CI 1.03 to 3.55).

  • The interval between the chest x ray film and lung cancer: mean (range)=4 (0–10) y in the cohort of Brodkinet al.12